About Us

The Al Khulifah Group of Companies was founded in Kuwait in 1977 by Dr. Bader Al Khulifah. The company grew and established itself under his eminent leadership, and was strongly supported by experienced management teams, high operational standards, and sophisticated infrastructure.

The Al Khaznah Establishment, being one of the business houses in the group, is well known as distributors for laboratory instruments, medical and hospital equipment, electronic and scientific equipment, biomedical, chemical products etc. A dedicated group of professionally qualified and well-trained engineers enabled Al Khaznah Est., to have an unparalleled reputation in the maintenance of scientific and medical equipment in the country. Over the years, the Company has supplied and installed various major equipment to Ministry of Health (MOH), Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Kuwait University, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), The Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company (KDD), Kuwait Flour Mills etc. The ability that the company possesses in taking up the challenges of the market, as well as one of the most dependable Preventive Maintenance Contractors (PMC), made Al Khaznah Est., a leading supplier and maintenance partner in the field of Scientific and medical equipment.

Since inception, the Al Khaznah Est., has built its business model by maintaining long term relationship with its clients and partners. The company believes and understand that great service and living up to the promises was critical to the business and holds on to those values till date. Foresight, energy, and a passion to be the best, drove Al Khaznah Est., to explore new opportunities and to build strong and effective business partnerships on trust, integrity, and mutual benefit. Highly trusted and well recognized for its commitment to quality, Al Khaznah Est., prides itself at being one of the most preferred business entities in Kuwait.

Dr. Bader Al Khulifah


We take pride in being one of the best companies in the field of distribution and maintenance of scientific & medical equipment in Kuwait, having achieved remarkable growth over the last four decades. The Al Khaznah Establishment has attained prominence as a leader through competence, competitiveness and timely delivery with highest quality standards and recognized safety and environment performance. We have a long tradition of serving our valued customers to their complete satisfaction through efficient management and excellent workmanship, which we continue to maintain with our untiring efforts. Our success would not be possible without the contribution of our customers and dedicated employees who have shared in our incredible journey thus far. We continue to plan and work according to plans set, never forgetting to dream. To have a dream, passion and enthusiasm are crucial enablers for making success long term.

I extend my thanks to the governmental and the private sector owners of present and future projects, subcontractors, vendors and to our partners, without whom we would not have reached this far.

We look forward to continuing to serve and support all of you in our efforts to exceed expectations.


Our mission is focused on ensuring customer satisfaction, maintaining good business relationship with our clients, subcontractors, suppliers and other interested parties; achieving profitable growth, operational and organizational excellence without compromising from our values and business ethics.


To be a globally recognized company, established world-wide with an excellence in organizational structure, re-defining the standards of ‘customer service’ by exceeding customer expectations and to be admired for our business values and ethics.

Quality Policy

Deliver products and services that meet or exceed customer requirements & expectations while improving the value to stake holders. Regularly source the best in class products of our interests across the globe and to encourage & involve employees by providing regular training programs.


Our Visionaries

“ Dr. Bader Al Khulifah is the promoter and owner of Al Khaznah Establishment by setting the highest standards of corporate governance for the company. He is best explained as a man of high integrity focused on strategic matters, forward looking and highly capable of evaluations and overseeing the current business. Dr. Bader Al Khulifah ensures that the core team receives accurate, timely and clear information which enables them to monitor performance, make sound decisions and give appropriate advices so to ensure the on-going success of the company. He is a man who leads from the front, ready for discussion of complex or contentious issues while highly valuing the member contributions too. He takes the lead in identifying and meeting the development needs of individual managers and in addressing the development needs of the company as a whole with a view to enhancing its overall effectiveness as a team. ”
Dr. Bader Al Khulifah (Retd. Brigadier)


Ph.D in Forensic Genetics (DNA) and Biochemistry & Genetics, UK

“ Mr. Jassim Al Khulifah possess many years of successful experience in the management of procurement and supply of specialist equipment to a wide variety of major clients. He is well versed in finding the most appropriate and competitive solutions from several worldwide suppliers. He plays a pivotal role in successfully developing and forging relationship with international firms; marketing the products and services successfully. Mr. Jassim’s acumen in overseeing the daily operations of the company, ensuring the creation and implementation of various strategies has helped the Al Khaznah Establishment to grow in leaps and bounds. He coordinates the development of key performance goals for functions and direct reports by providing direct management of key functional managers and executives in the business unit. ”
Mr.Jassim Al Khulifah

Director & General Manager

“ Mr. Abdullah Al Khulifah works closely with our Chairman and management teams in supporting crucial decision making, financial planning, future trends, new growth and efficiency opportunities, and competitor analysis. To ensure the strategic alignment of the company’s strategic aspirations - from marketplace to behavior; and putting the right foundations for the execution of the overall strategic road map, Mr. Abdullah plays a significant role. His capability had been proved for identifying new prospects, converting them into clients, and collaborating with sales leaders on an identified set of large, strategic prospects. ”
Abdullah Al Khulifah

Director - Strategy & Business Development